At Heimdal Security we protect users & companies from cyber-criminal actions,by keeping critical information & intellectual property safe.We’re one of the fastest growing companies in the cyber security industry,being focused on user education through the blogs & free online courses & resources.

Thor AdminPrivilege :



Experience the time-saving revolution of managing admin rights for your organization securely from one hub.

 Our centralized admin rights management solution will make sure system admins can safely grant privileges to network users with more control and ease.

Insider threat is the biggest liability of medium and large companies, so removing admin rights from regular users is essential.

 Heimdal AdminPrivilege:

  • A secure solution for managing user rights safely and easily
  • The perfect complement to your other cybersecurity protective measures
  • Modular, scalable, and centralized
  • Easy to use by both users and system administrators
  • Full audit trail and faster detection of potential data breach

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