Accops Work From Home Solutions

Enable business users to have instant and secure remote access to corporate applications anytime, anywhere

Why Accops

  • Multiple WFH options based on business needs
  • Application tunnel for remote access
  • Integrated access gateway, MFA & virtual desktop access
  • Monitor productivity; detailed reporting for audit of users’ activities
  • Strong, flexible policy set to enforce corporate policies
  • Client-less access with device entry control with no endpoint management
  • Flexibility to meet varied requirements: Deploy on-premise or cloud, for 3 months or 3 years
  • Simplified and cost-effective

Better than generic VPN

Office PC & Internal Apps Access from Home

Securely allow access to users’ Office PCs so that the users can work as if they are working inside the office. Users can also access internal web portals, client-server apps, emails, FTP server, RDP servers from their own PC.


Virtual Applications And Desktop Access

Users can access virtual apps, session-based desktop or virtual desktop from corporate or personal devices, enabling seamless access to required office resources and applications.


A ready to go live, Desktop-as-a-Service to avoid the complexity of deploying any remote access infrastructure on-premise for short duration. Use pay-as-you-go model to pay for what you use.

Accops Nano For BYOD Users

Provides secure and instant remote access to business applications & VDI infrastructure from any end device. Restricts BYOD users to copy data into local hard drive/USB by creating a secure container in personal devices.

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