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42 gears products uaeThe intent to augment digital workspace initiatives across the world and empower distributed, mobile workforces to deliver better is what drives innovation at 42Gears. As the ever-expanding threat surface threatens to compromise device security and jeopardise enterprise-critical data, 42Gears helps organizations meet their security objectives by leveraging a robust and comprehensive platform that enables them to manage, monitor and secure all business endpoints from a single pane of glass.

What 42Gears Brings to the Table

As modern enterprises ride the wave of digital transformation, 42Gears helps them manage their digital infrastructures remotely, restrict access to corporate resources and tighten data security through data loss prevention. 42Gears UEM is the convergence of:

  • Kiosk Solution
  • Digital Signage Solution
  • Mobile Email Management
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Rugged Device Management
  • Wearable Management
  • VR Device Management
  • IoT Device Management
  • Desktop and Laptop Management
  • UEM Analytics
  • AI Assistance for Admin Console
  • Mobile Threat Defense

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What Sets 42Gears Apart

Best-in-Class Support and Response Time

● Robust and reliable software solutions
● Great customer support
● Record-breaking turnaround time

Technical Expertise

● Innovative products with differentiated functionalities
● Path-breaking EMM features for businesses across industries

Value for Money

● Premium features at affordable rates
● Better ROI on mobility solutions

Design Thinking

● A working combination of design, features and usability
● A scalable and flexible architecture

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