Ekran System is a universal software platform that helps companies of any size build an efficient Insider Threat Program. The platform combines monitoring, recording and auditing of all user activity on critical endpoints, critical data and critical configurations; detection and alerting on suspicious actions and events; incident response toolsets with reporting and blocking capabilities; and access management toolsets to lower user-based risks.

Ekran System has in its core a specific format to facilitate analysis and investigations. Each user session is recorded into a screen capture video augmented with a multilayer synchronized index containing text information from application names and typed commands to keystrokes, connected devices, and other data. It creates an integrated activity log for each session, that can be easily audited, searched, exported, or passed to the central SIEM system.

Access management module includes several powerful tools, such as PASM, one-time passwords, ticketing system integration, and others.

Insider Monitoring
Monitor user activity in real-time and keep context-rich session records for investigations. If data misuse or fraud is detected, respond immediately.

Privileged User Audit
Set up access permissions and record each privileged session for detailed analysis of performed actions, from privilege escalation to sensitive data access.

Subcontractor Control
Control access and monitor activity of third-party service providers and remote vendors working within your corporate network, get audit trail for any action.

Security Compliance
Get efficient cyber security monitoring software to help you adhere to industry regulations: HIPAA – PCI-DSS – NERC – ISO

Activity Logs
Get a universal computer activity monitoring software and collect logs from all applications, even if they don’t have in-built logging feature.

Real-Time Protection
Rely on our real-time IT security monitoring tool. Automate access approval process, get real-time alerts, view live sessions and act immediately.

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